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ITried and Fusion Broadband South Africa created this hosted SDWAN solution, Saving you the costs of building your own aggregation solution. Our solution provides, failover, DNS masking, Threat protection, Quality of Service and a one-IP Solution to ensure you are always connected and never interrupted.

With our monitoring, we will escalate the failure to your ISP, before you even notice the failure. Providing your ISP all the relevant information for a proper triage. Our recommended solution is a SDWAN, Comsol Broadband Wireless and a Business Fiber line from CyberSmart.

What is an SDWAN?

The SD-WAN provides customers with the additional security and ease of using the internet.

Aggregation and load balancing of internet connections:
Our suggestions are to have a minimum of 2 internet providers, (Usually 1 fiber and 1 wireless). If one
Internet link fails, the other will automatically take effect, ensuring uninterrupted internet connection.

Quality of service:
The use of internet applications can be hard to manage especially if the end user has uncapped internet
and wifi. The QOS service on the SD-WAN prioritises high priority traffic like video conferencing and voip.

DNS Masking:
The DNS is a service that looks up an IP address to your website or services. The SD-WAN caches these IP addresses from multiple verified
secure upstream resolvers, ensuring there is no delay in response from other DNS providers. Ensuring faster and more secure web browsing.

Threat Protection:
The Fusion SDWan, an IBM beacon award winner, uses databases from providers like IBM and other threat intelligence providers that are
hourly updated to block access to compromised or hacked Internet addresses. This prevents our customers inadvertently accessing
such websites and essentially ensures your device is safe from any known threats on any website that might have been exploited.

Network optimisation:
The SDWAN gives you a full overview of your network with the power of Iluminate. We
can also use this information to adjust the firewall for better security and Proxy bypass.

AI and Monitoring:
We use business intelligence and artificial intelligence to monitor and maintain your internet connectivity. This will
preempt a failure of your internet and send a support ticket to your ISP before you even realise the one link is down.

edge 200

SD-Wan Solutions

Entry Level Tier (EDGE 200)

from R 899 pm

This solution provides all the functionality of the SDWAN, on a single internet connection of up to 200Mbps

Once off install cost will apply.

Mid Tier (EDGE 400)

R 1399 pm

The Mid Tier solution provides all the functionality of the SDWAN solution for bandwidth of up to 400 Mbps. Failover up to 3 internet providers. For maximum resilience and uptime.

Once off install cost will apply.

Entreprise Tier (EDGE 1000)

R 2399 pm

For bandwidth exceeding 400 Mbps up to 1 Gbps, this large rack mount unit can handle any enterprise solution. All the SDWAN functionality and failover up to 7 Internet Providers on a single WAN IP address.

Once off install cost will apply.

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